Land & Property

Site Development and Project Support

WEGE mbH's core business areas include commercial space development and marketing as well as property services. Whether your need is for (re) activation of brownfield and vacant land, expanding the infrastructure of existing properties or assistance with signing a contract for a suitable rental property, WEGE mbH will moderate and support the overall process.

Rent, buy or build…

For entrepreneurs, business people and company leaders who are looking for commercial, retail or service space for rent or for sale in Bielefeld, the experienced team from WEGE can offer:

  • Qualified location consulting
  • Legal support for your property search
  • Making contact with investors, contractors and architects
  • Assistance in matters of planning and building law
  • Conceptual support


…Sales and Letting

Likewise, when leasing or selling land for commercial use, the team at WEGE can provide advice and support to help with:

  • Creating a meaningful description
  • Presenting the property in our media and on the WEGE mbH website
  • Finding suitable tenants and buyers
  • Organizing and monitoring viewings
Your Contact People
Pedro Campos Silva
Project Management
0521/ 557 660 62