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Family and the World of Work

WEGE mbH is a member of the local Family Alliance which has a focus on family and work. It coordinates the Working Group on family and work, through events and actions and participates in regional funding.

A personnel policy which is tailored towards equal opportunities and family-friendliness is increasingly becoming a competitive factor. Operational measures which benefit the work-life balance, bring companies considerable operational benefits. They

  • increase the competitiveness of the company
  • improve the company's image
  • increase the motivation and satisfaction of employees
  • reduce absenteeism and illness, reduce employee turnover

Recognized as Family-Friendly - Recognition for Bielefeld-Basec Companies which adopt Family-Friendly Policies

Are you committed to family-friendly corporate policies and do you act accordingly? Is your company based in Bielefeld? Then we would like you to stand out as a family-friendly company and document your commitment externally. Application materials:




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