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Bielefeld's Training Drive

For the Bielefeld economy, dual education is a core element in the development of young talent. So that in the future even more companies can make use of dual training for the development of their young talent, the Mayor of Bielefeld, Pit Clausen, has started the 2014 Bielefeld training drive.

The aim of the training initiative is to strengthen the viability of Bielefeld as a business location in times of demographic change and at the same time to make a high-quality professional perspective available to all young people and to provide optimum service to both companies and to young people through the provision of balanced training and development.

REGE mbH and WEGE mbH cooperated to put together this training initiative.

In 2014 industry discussions were conducted with companies and the first education summit was held on 27.11.2014. A plan of action to achieve these stated objectives was developed in cooperation with companies, institutions and associations and will be implemented between 2015 and 2017. In June 2015, 50 representatives of companies, chambers and associations and economic and labour policy actors came together to discuss concrete measures as part of the first entrepreneurs' evening at EFG Cordes & Graefe Brand KG



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